[CR]Masi Bars & Stem, TTT or Cinelli?

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Subject: [CR]Masi Bars & Stem, TTT or Cinelli?

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The only Masi I ever saw come out of it's shipping box was a '71 or there abouts GC that an eccentric local millionaire had flown to Milan and had purchased from Faliero himself. I was wrenching at the local schwinn shop in Medford OR and I had the honor of assembly and a test drive. A wonderful experience and memory. Anyhow, my memory of that bike is shaded over the years but it seems to me it had TTT bars and stem, Record model stem I believe with the Italian flag and ttt decals. I also remember reading somewhere that Masi always spec'ed TTT instead of Cinelli because he viewed Cino as a competitor. Having recently acquired a '73 Italian GC that came with Cinelli bars and stem and after looking at the CR site and masi lore I see a preponderance of Masi's with Cinelli bars and stems. So my question is, which would be correct for a factory issued '73 Italian GC, TTT or Cinelli or either?

Jerry Corcoran
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