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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 13:17:16 -0800 (PST)
From: "Joe Starck" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Origins of Trek Bicycle Company
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> << I recall the Burkes and Bevil Hogg were jointly
> involved in it. The
> Burkes had retail shops in Wisconsin and N
> Illinois. I'd like to
> hear the full story... >>
> I am sure there are others with more detailed info
> but Bevil Hogg (a South
> African) and Tom French were working in/running a
> bike shop in Madison area and
> importing Stella. Dick Burke (who had a large
> appliance-snow blower, etc.
> company named Intrepid) hired them to start Trek.
> Whether he was also the $ behind
> the Stella importing, I do not know. I started
> working for them a couple of
> years later.
> Richard Nolan was the original frame builder I
> think. Just before I left they
> hired Tim Isaac (orig. a solo builder, later Match
> and Litespeed) as the head
> bike designer.
> Then later Bevil & Tom left & started Kestrel. Then
> they sold it to Schwinn.
> Bevil went to Everest, the USA wheel chair company.
> Tom became pre. of
> Blackburn, then Blackburn got bought by Bell then he
> was back at Kestrel, but now?

Dale, My query was about some kind of framebuilding outfit I'd heard abut that existed prior to Trek, from whence Trek grew from, however, NOW, Bevel Hogg is involved in a medical company in St Louis, something to do with heart surgery. Don't know about French. By the way Dale, in an earlier post of yours, maybe a few years past, you mentioned getting a tour of Trek, by Isaac?, and I think I recall you expressed some doubt in your post of Isaacs statement of their chemical processing abilities of frames prior to paint, specifically the acid-bath rust-removal stage. Isaac wasn't exagerating. Joe Starck, masidon, wi