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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 16:57:51 EST
Subject: Re: Coppi's turned up handlebars ... Was:[CR]Yo!

Yep, it's Coppi, and I've got some better PICs to prove it. When I was a young neighborhood rat running around the more local metro Detroit area (suburbs, just outside the inner city limits), we often saw individuals with their bars turned up like this. We called this "ghetto" style, guessing that it was perhaps easier to hang grocery bags with bottles of liquor on the bars. Bikes like that almost exclusively had safety brake levers, and were usually Schwinns.

These are scans from the back cover of a 1956 Sport Illustrato mag.*** As usual, click on each photo for large images :) (ha ha).

The second photo gives a pretty good view of some of the bike's components, along with the Coppi headbadge, which looks like it is already a foil decal by that time.

I've heard that in those days, you only rode a racing bike if you were racing, so this must be Fausto's regular retirement rig? Nice compromise between a racing bike, or a Gents model.

*** Many thanks again to Morgan Fletcher for the online photo space ... yaaaaaayyyyy Morgan!!!

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI ~ ~ ~

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Is this really Coppi? What's up with the handlebars? Part-timing as a messenger?

Pete Geurds
Douglassville, Pa