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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 19:12:54 -0800
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Subject: [CR]Re: White Hoods - I Missed Some Big Points

Yes, all Victory sold in Germany came with white hoods. Those were "better" than the lowly "Triomphe" with the dated gum hoods that nobody wanted! Remember, this was the time when the second from the top Shimano group (called "Santé") had white powdercoated finish on all components (also available in pink?). Ultegra also was cool with dark grey. Only lowly 105 had to make do with polished aluminum for a while.

The Victory/Triomphe levers are different in that they have a shield logo, vs. the "arrow" with "CAMPAGNOLO" spelled out for the NR/SR. Victory had holes, Triomphe did not. Otherwise, the levers appear to have been the same as NR/SR. Might be useful for spare parts of CR timeline levers... but don't mistake a junky Victory lever for Super Record!

The big question to me is whether Victory brake levers without the cool logo are as good for modulating speed as the upscale SR ones?

Jan Heine, Seattle
>Yikes - my mind is failing me!!!
>Regarding the white hoods, many Victory sets came boxed with white
>Campy hoods - how could I have forgotten? It was wierd, but many
>Triumph sets came with nice gum.
>And black - Gran Sport sets going way back in time used black.
>Mike "even my mind is turing vintage" Kone in Boulder CO