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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 20:32:32 -0800 (PST)
From: "Joe Starck" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]KOF Build-Off?
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--- wrote:

> > Mike Appel(who in my estimation is one of the best
> craftsmen in
> framebuilding, maybe
> > even THE best, if such a contest could be devised
> Wow. After watching several Motorcycle build-offs on
> the Discovery Channel I
> think it would be awesome to see some of the best
> Keepers of the Flame square
> off. I wonder how many would be interested in
> participating? Dale, you
> could host the contest at the 2006 Cirque!!!
> The contest would be audience judged and the winner
> would get the first KOF
> trophy! I can
> see it now. Sachs, Baylis, Johnson, Gordon,
> Eisentraut, Stark, Goodrich,
> Kirk, Moon, etc!

Nice list Mike. A bit short(Appel, Erickson, Mooney, Weigle, Bob Brown and a few dozen more would be my additional nominees)and you'd honestly have to remove that "Starck" guy, since he's no longer building, probably never will again, and more importantly, never made a living selling his own frames, just made for others, but since he is me, I'll nominate myself the qualified judge here of your short list, and by my own criteria of framebuilding and nothing else, allow for Mr. David Kirk to hold that trophy in Montana for at least the first year. Discovery Channel to Bozeman. Joe Starck, masidon, wi

> Watcha think Dale?
> Mike "Did Trek use any washing machine parts on
> their early bicycles?"
> Wilkinson
> Castle Rock, CO
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