[CR]does Anyone Recognise this bike - possibly Fiorelli

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From: "Norris Lockley" <Norris.Lockley@btopenworld.com>
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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 00:40:06 -0000
Subject: [CR]does Anyone Recognise this bike - possibly Fiorelli

Fiorelli frames were very popular in the 50 s and, as a brand, reached the UK before Bianchi. At the time they rivalled frejus in the popularity stakes. i think it was the long-nosed Swiss rider Ferdi Kubler who pedalled a Fiorelli to win the T-de-F. Most of their frames looked very "italian" ie "u" shaped head-lugs, seatstay top-eyes blending into the seat lug, with a little slotted window nearby. Probably bought their frame components from the same supplier as Frejus... However Fiorelli produced what I suppose might be called an "export" model somewhere in the mid to late 50s, labelled the "International" model. I have two of these both NIB, one a 52cms is deep indigo flam with lots of chrome to head-lugs, half chrome forks and rear stays and two or three chrome panels on the seat tube. The other one is a 57cms - same chroming- but this one is what I think could be called flamboyant orange Both have metal head badges. The other feature that sets them apart from the other Fiorelli standard catalogue models is that the lugs are very decorative in a "Nervex Pro type of way. The lugs are very similar to the Pros throughout the frame but on a larger scale..if you get my drift. Very attractive - better than Nervex. a UK builder R.O.Harrison also plagiarised the Nervex Pro lug in the 50s but made his variation on the theeme much larger in the well defined areas of the lugs. The "Internationals" have pressed steel drop-outs with mudguard eyes, no gear hanger. the tubing was Libella or Libulla, I think.

I reckon it' likely that the frame spotted was just such a frame if the lugs fitted this description.

Fiorella were very popular over here..but are rare now. I had a 60cms track frame - far too large for my short legs. It featured long grooves pressed into the inner surfaces of the seat and chain stays right from the brake bridge to the drop-outs - the effect being to stiffen up the rear triangle. I've tried doing this myself but realise that it would be easier with properly engineered press-tools. I gave this frame away to a friend for use as a winter fixed wheeler. When I saw the friend quite recently on a new alloy winter frame I asked him about the Fiorelli. If he wasn't using it I might as well have it back in the collection - ran my train of thought.

"Oh it's long gone. In the skip.. reckoned oit was getting long in the tooth.. thought I should move with the times.."

Norris Lockley .. at times regretting my generosity.. Settle UK

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