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Pela is known primarily as a contract builder then? What is the "city code" stamped into the bottom bracket on these Pela build Masi frames? Tommasini was working in Grosseto already during the 1960s, where he remains today, so I wonder if Pela was there also, or nearby perhaps?

Dave Patrick Chelsea, Michigan

"richardsachs@juno.com" <richardsachs@juno.com> wrote: you've seen lots of "pela" frames in the form of masis. e-RICHIE chester, ct

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I agree that Irio Tommasini has turned out some lovely lugged steel frames and something about his work has always "spoken to me". But what of Pela? Irio Tommasini is supposed to have worked closely with Pela when Irio was getting started, and I've certainly heard reference to Pela as a superb framebuilder, but I have yet to see a Pela frame. Does anyone know some history behind Pela? Any examples of his work out there that can be shared?

Dave Patrick Chelsea, Michigan

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what about
gianni losa?
irio tommassini?
giuseppi pela?
eenuah sumgai?
chester, ct

-- chasds@mindspring.com wrote:

Kurt wrote, in response to Dale's too-short list of KOF builders:

"Making lists is treacherous business, see?

Kurt Sperry Bellingham WA"


Nah, easy. The six greatest italian frame builders and/or shops post 1950:

Bianchi Colnago Pogliaghi Cinelli Masi De Rosa

Post 1940, add Gloria to the list..

I almost said the greatest framebuilders period..but, hey, I can't be deleting all the flame-mail that would have caused.

Anybody know if Masi ever built a tandem of any kind? Or did all the other Milanese builders leave that to Pogliaghi?

Charles Andrews