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Hi All: During the mid to late '50s we were importing the Fiorelli bikes into Chicago and selling them in the Midwest. When I went to Europe to race in the fall of '58 I went to the factory and they gave me a bike to race with during my stay. It had all the Campy made at the time. It was a good tough machine, raced and trained on it in Germany, Belgium, and Holland, and it never let me down. I had signed on with the German Ruberg Chain Co. minor trade team. Weinmann gave us some clothing and supplied us with the first run of 999 CP brakes which I put on my Fiorelli. Yes, the ones with the stamped in Weinmann name. The tubing was the Libelulla make, I think later taken over by Columbus, not sure on this tho. Usually the Pro models had Campy dropouts, and the amateur models had stamped dropouts. But indeed they were a top line factory. Ted Ernst
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> Mary Kaminski asked about Fiorelli. Here is what I have in the Used Bike
> Buyers Guide: Lou Deeter, Orlando FL
> (information in Italian only) previously located in Novi Ligure (AL)
> Italy. 411 S. Main St., Mt. Airy NC 27030. Sponsored pro teams in the 50\u2019s
> and 60\u2019s which included Kubler. Koblet, Robic and Motta. Fausto Coppi
> branded bicycles were produced by Fiorelli during his last years as a pro
> as well as following the death of Coppi. In the 90\u2019s, when the owners
> decided to retire, the rights to the Coppi name were transferred to the
> Masciaghi brothers. Factory was founded in 1932 in Novi Ligure in northern
> Italy.
> Models:
> 531 531
> Campionissimo 87 SLX
> Giro d'Italia 87-88 SL
> Milan-San Remo 86 Falk Chromoly
> Milan-San Remo 87-88 Aelle