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Subject: [CR]Mystery bike- now Fiorelli

Thanks Chuck for pointing out the fragility of my mental powers... must be the Alzheimers kicking in early. Yes you are quite right of course that Ferdi Kubler won the T-de-F ..in 1950.. that's why I went out and bought my first Super Corsa, with nickel-plated main tubes and a dark-blue head panel... and Simplex gears.

my mistake stemmed from a superb photo of Kubler streaking along "on the hooks" of his Fiorelli, on the cover page of an early 50s Fiorelli brochure. The credits say... and I wasn't thinking too brightly when I quoted "Ferdy Kubler, The Ace Fiorelli Rider, winner of the T-de-F, second Tour of Switzerland" so I must assume that the undated catalogue is perhaps 151, or 2 or 3 .. and that Fiorelli are basking in Kubler' s glories from his days with Frejus.

The Libellula tubing was used on the Tour de France model, in D/B form, with a variety of FALK A or B being used on all other models except the Campione del Mondo which used Columbus D/B (was Kubler a Campione del Mondo?). This frame used Campag. fork ends, while all the other frames used Agrati, with or without hanger, to choice. Bearings throughout were always GNUTTI, as were chainsets.

The colour I described as "flamboyant orange" is aclled "Amber Flam" in the brochure.

To help date the brochure.. it launches the new Campagnolo Gran Sport rear mech - the one with the drilled jockey wheels. When did this come out?

Norris Lockley.. eating humble pie.. Settle UK

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