[CR]Campy Nuovo Tipo Pista/bmx hubs sighted at LBS

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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:39:59 -0600
From: "Steve Kurt" <kurtsj@mtco.com>
To: Classic Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Campy Nuovo Tipo Pista/bmx hubs sighted at LBS

Hi gang,

I took today as a vacation day, and stopped in a small LBS while out riding. Hadn't been in there before, and had a nice chat with the fellow behind the counter about vintage-ish stuff (I was riding an "I-bob" bike; custom fillet brazed frame with SunTour/Campy/Shimano bits from '89).

Somewhere in the conversation, he went to the back room and pulled out a set of old Campy track hubs, still in the box! They had the round holes in the flange typical of the Nuovo Tipo hubs. Didn't notice the marking on the barrel. Most interesting was the box, which was the standard "mozzi pista" or whatever, but had "BMX" stamped onto the side in large letters. Musta been when Campy was making the anodized Record cranks for the BMX market too, eh?

Interestingly, I'm not sure that he wants to actually sell the hubs. He did mention that a fella came into the shop, and made some comments about the small shop that weren't received as compliments. The fella was interested in the hubs, offering a blank check for them, but by that time the guy behind the counter was too insulted to consider selling to this guy.

I guess the lesson is: be sure to visit your local shops, be on good terms with them, and you may be introduced to all sorts of treasures and opportunities!

Steve Kurt Peoria, IL (and I picked up a couple of surprisingly nice Trek stainless bottle cages while I was there)