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> As early as March of 1973 Raleigh was advertsing/promoting pictures of the
> Raleigh Team in International Cycle Sport and all the ads read "Team TI
> Raleigh" and at the bottom of the ad, "a TI Company." So, by early 1973
> Raleigh was apparently already owned by TI. The March '73 issue is the
> earliest I have, so the takeover could have been earlier.
> Eric Elman
> Somers, CT

Despite TI's insisting that no punctuation be used between the "T" and the "I", Team TI Raleigh sudden bursting on the European scene had some unforseen consequences. Continentals pronounced it "Tee Ralegg" and periods appeared on the team jerseys and promotional material. They still couldn't pronounce Raleigh to save their lives of course. Hopefully the Dutch riders who led the team to such success could. Then again, they could call it anything they wanted!

The TI Raleigh team came into existence I believe in late 1971 and I believed simply assumed the already existing TI Carlton team. I've seen some early postcards of the team in early TI Raleigh kit (white jerseys) and the bike looked like a Carlton Pro still in the old blue livery.

Me, I am dead chuffed... off to the post office to pick up my uber rare pair of vintage "TI Raleigh-Creda" cycling shorts from the UK! The question is do I show off tomorrow wearing them when it's going to be in the low 40s?

Peter Kohler Washington, DC USA

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