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From: "nick zatezalo" <nickzz@mindspring.com>
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Subject: FW: Re: [CR] Packing and Shipping Frame - Looking for Guidance
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 15:41:35 -0500

Great ideas and one more thing. Either remove or completely tighten the rear drop out screws. I have had two frames arrive that were packed extremely well and neither time was there any external evidence of damage to the carton. After removing the frames; both had bent or broken adjuster screws; even though there was way more than adequate packaging.

Also go here and click on the Packing Your Frame tab for a nice visual presentation.


Nick Zatezalo Atlanta,Ga

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> I am very methodical and thorough with my packing. I first put a plastic
> dropout protector in the rear drop out and the front fork. I then wrap each
> tube of the frame, including the fork legs, in closed-cell pipe insulation
> and fasten them with zipties.
> I then wrap bubble wrap or pipe insulation around the seat tube and headtube
> opening, as well as around the bottom of the bottom bracket shell and front
> and rear dropouts.
> I usually take the fork off and wrap it in some additional bubble wrap or
> packing to keep it from damaging either the fork or frame during transit,
> but sometimes with a larger box leave it installed if there is room.
> I then put flat Styrofoam at the bottom and ends of the box and put Wal-Mart
> bags, newspaper, etc around the frame in the bike box. Before I close the
> box, I place a run of flat Styrofoam on top of the frame and then close the
> box and seal it well with strong clear packing tape.
> This may seem like overkill, but I have yet to have a frame damaged and have
> received many comments on "best packing job ever". To me, if the frame is
> worth buying or selling, it is worth protecting. I have a hard time getting
> below the oversize designation by UPS, so might as well use some of the
> allowed "dimensional weight" with packing material ;-)
> Frank Phillips
> McAlester, OK