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Subject: Re: [CR]Nervar Star Cranks/Team Raleigh Connection
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 18:52:08 -0500

Steve Neago wrote:
> Sometimes racing teams placed sponsor equipment on special bikes used
> solely
> for "photo opportunities" to give increased advertising exposure to the
> sponsor. Nervar sold countless lugs and other equipment to Raleigh in the
> 1970s as a supplier. Is the equipment you describe pictured in actual
> races
> or just in advertising?

I'm not aware of Nervar making lugs or anything other than cranksets. That aside, you raise a good point and also ask a reasonable question. It is interesting that the pictures from the Raleigh ads are both photo op's and some appear to be pics of from actual race shots. Of the photo op pics, some bikes are Campagnolo equipped and some are Nervar, Huret, Weinmann equipped. The race pics within the Raleigh ads also depict both. Within the magazine content itself though, (pictures accompanying article text) they definitely show Raleigh Team riders on Team bikes with non-Campag components. Specific examples from issues of International Cycle Sport:

March 1973: Raleigh ad, 2 pics w/Nervar cranks. Article race picture, 1 shot clearly w/Nervar & Weinmann. April 1973: Raleigh ad, 1 w/Nervar, 1 can't tell. Article race picture, 1 shot w/Nervar & Weinmann. May 1973: Raleigh ad, 1 w/Nervar, 1 w/Campag crankset & Huret rear derailleur. No article race pictures this issue. June 1973: Raleigh ad, 1 w/Nervar. Article race picture of Mick Holmes w/Huret derailleur, unsure of brakes and crankset is mostly blocked and to fuzzy to tell. July 1973: Raleigh ad, 1 w/Campag cranks, Huret derailleur, Weinmann brakes, 1 can't tell. Article race pictures, 1 w/Campag brakes and can't see the rest, 1 w/2 Team rider both w/Weinmann brakes and can't i.d. the rest, 1 with 2 Team riders and Weinmann brakes but can't i.d. the rest. September 1973: Raleigh ad, 1 w/Nervar cranks - this looks like a race shot but could just be a photo op.

Hope that helps confirm a little bit during a short period in time.

Eric Elman Somers, CT
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> Subject: [CR]Nervar Star Cranks/Team Raleigh Connection
>> Just a side note that some of the early genuine Raleigh Team bikes were
> not
>> full Campagnolo equipped but instead had Weinmann brakes, Huret Jubilee
>> derailleurs and Nervar Star Cranksets. Like Jerry Moos mentioned, they
> are
>> every bit an equal to the Stronglight 93 (functionally and durability)
>> but
>> the chainrings are hard to come by. I have numerous pictures of the Team
>> Raleigh bikes from old copies of International Cycle Sport ca 1973 with
>> Nervar Star cranksets. Bikes are shown in regular Team livery with
> fastback
>> seat stays, 1/2 chrome socks front and rear and yellow head tubes.
>> Ridden
>> by the likes of Trevor Bull, Brian Jolly, Mick Holmes, Phil Bayton, etc.
>> Eric Elman
>> Somers, CT