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Folks, I know this a very long shot, but I have an overwhelming desire to replace the O Rings in a set of Campy NR brakes with red ones. Has anyone ever seen any or know where I might get a pair? Yes, I know the purists out there are blanching, but please allow my eccentricities! If there is a seller of O Rings somewhere who might have them in colors, what size would I ask for? Thanks, Tom Sanders Lansing, Mi >>


I like it. With a red bike or one trimmed in red decals it would be "tres Kewl."

Let me know your source of other colors if you find one. Little eccentricities were often found at trade shows and races back in the 1970s. The reintroduced by Rivendell "Shellacked Bar Tape" is among the most obscure that is now a common sighting in our shop and places like the cirque.

Other ideas: Leather Bar tape, stitch on or wrap. Not terribly uncommon.

Painted crossing of tied and soldered spokes. Sometimes alternate colors to match trim.

Painting inside of NR Campag hub flanges as above.

Removing Campag NR oil covers and replacing it with a band of rainbow, world champ foil decals. "What make of hubs are those, they look almost like Cramp and Go Slow?"

Of course painting the flutes and drilled holes of relieved components was even done commercially by Fiorelli and others on stems, bars, cranks and chainwheels-even derailleurs with sometimes horrific results.

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