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Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 20:19:36 +0100 (MET)
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Collars seem to have been dropped pretty much exactly in 1960 and front pockets about ten years later. There is, as with so many things, variation in this, of course, pertaining to makers or team preferences. Special jerseys, such as Rik van Looys 1962 WC jersey, are seen to have no front pockets. Mercier-Hutchinson, Fagor, Pelforth and some others had some or didn´t, maybe having to do with the type of race, weather ,etc. The material to use was a 80/20 Wool/acrylic mix, as Peter already mentioned. In the mid-70s the jerseys were moving to be all acrylic. Hinault's '78 french champ jersey actually looks to be all acrylic, Brett can surely confirm or refute this. A year later Hinault rode in a one-piece green jersey made of polyesther (I´m sure half of you still have at least one pair of brown polyesther slacks somewhere in your attic). By 1980 acrylic and polyesther had taken the place of wool; they were "superior" because new (we all recognize the falseity of that statement, right?). There were, as previously mentioned, some maker who had thei own mixes or kept the old ones longer. Going off timeline polyesther has had a lot of different names for the same stuff up to the point where almost every company calls it's polyesther something else.

But the best thing was those Renault-Elf sweatbands ...

Alright, I've lost my thread ... bye-bye!

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> > Ahoy !
> >
> > May I ask the informed Listers to comment on when and what types of
> synthetic fabrics and what article of clothing ? Jerseys, shorts, gloves,
> caps, helmets, shoes ?
> >
> > Gosh, cycling is a great sport ! - 103 degrees F & humidity index
> through
> the roof in wool jersey and shorts ?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Richard Cielec
> > Chicago, Illinois
> Hmmm... I'd sure rather wear wool in 103 degs. than any of the clammy,
> stinky synthetics out there today that make cyclists looks like Cirque de
> Soleil performers. Woolistic classic jerseys are brilliant. And the best
> thing I ever bought is their wool undershirts.
> But I really like wearing suitable "kit" when I ride, to me it's just part
> of the hobby. I loved Aldo Ross's pix of everyone's favourite Italian
> riders
> in plus-fours, berets and cardigans!
> I think synthetic wool jerseys are a mid 70s thing. They are tolerable in
> summer if you wear one of the light Woolistic wool undershirts. Most of
> the
> original '70s jerseys I own are indeed synthetic wool or an 80 per cent
> wool/20 per cent synthetic blend. Pockets in fronts of jerseys seem to
> have
> passed by the early 60s, ditto the pointy collars.
> Helmets: it's interesting to see the traditional "hairnet" helmets in
> fairly
> regular road use even in the 1950s but there seems to be no trend as to
> when
> and where and by whom. So many riders wore nothing on their heads, even
> caps. I note a definite trend among the "lads" today on racing machines to
> go back to cycling caps. No comment lest that start some tedious helmet or
> not debate!
> Gloves: the biggest change is velcro.... I think this came just at the end
> of the CR timeframe. Before that it was buttons and finding proper
> buttoned
> gloves is not easy. And a lot of riders seemed to not even use them during
> our Time Frame.
> Goggles: definately a gritty old Tour de France thing... but when did they
> pass from use? 1950s?
> Peter Kohler
> Washington DC USA
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