[CR]tandem eccentric bb question

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From: "C. Andrews" <chasds@mindspring.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 14:16:03 -0800
Subject: [CR]tandem eccentric bb question

The Jack Taylor tandem I have here as an eccentric front bb.. which is the usual thing.

I need to move it--adjust it--and I can't figure out how to do it. There is one hole in the left side fitting that appears to be there for the purposes of adjustment, but I can't suss out how to use it. I loosened the bolts that keep the bb tight, then I tried using a punch and hammer to move the fitting, but no luck, it's solidly in there.

Any suggestions? I really need to be able to adjust the bb at this point, or we can't ride the bike.



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