Re: [CR]High-quality retro photos wanted for magazine

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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 02:53:41 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]High-quality retro photos wanted for magazine


I went to the site, but don't know how to respond to the person requesting photos. I can probably supply some of what he's looking for. There are some of what he's after on my website for Vintage Cycle Studios, which he would be welcome to use if he likes something. Just have them contact me first. Check my site at

I can get more if neccessary. Much of what I have hasn't been photographed yet. They don't mention where they are located; but if they are close to San Diego they are welcome to come visit and I'll load them up with a lot of bikes. They might also be interested in my vintage replicas.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

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Got photos?

Someone is looking for high quality photos of vintage bikes for a magazine:

Bob Hufford
Springfield, MO