Re: [CR]tandem eccentric bb question

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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 08:34:31 -0500
From: "HM & SS Sachs" <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>,,
Subject: Re: [CR]tandem eccentric bb question

I'm not sure how "stuck" Charles's Jack Taylor bb eccentric is, but I can't remember needing much in tools for this adjustment. One trick is having something that is about the diameter of the hole, and reasonably stiff. I typically use a drift, or on the road, an allen wrench. Put it in the hole, and then use the crank itself as a lever to move the BB. Of course, depending on where the assembly is relative to bottom-dead-center, you may need a helper to hold the rear wheel up. Of course, this may leave a mark on the crank arm.

harvey sachs mcLean va +++++++++++++++++++= Hello Charles,

Congrats on the JT tandem.

Regarding the stuck eccentric.......

1.Try giving the gap between the eccentric and the bb shell a good dose of Kroll. Then with a piece of scrap hardwood begin tapping (using a mallet) the sides of the eccentric. You can try applying heat to the bb area with an electric hair dryer. That would help the Kroll do its thing. Of course you should have cranks removed by this time.

2. Using two long bolts with washers and some nuts, attach them where the bb pinch bolts are. Secure the bolts with nuts to prevent the bolt from moving (you may want to use washers to protect the paint), Thread a nut on the opposite end of the bolt, using a washer to protect the paint and unscrew the nut so that the bb is expanding. Do this on both sides (in tandem?). Tap the aluminum eccentric with a piece of hardwood/mallet combo. Use Kroll.

The last person in there probably did'nt grease all contacting surfaces or some type of electralisis has taken place between the aluminum and the steel. I faced the same issue X3 on a Jack Taylor triplet.


Dave Martinez
Fremont Ca