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Subject: Re: [CR]Fabulous day in San Diego, ride report NOW Ted & Mary's Sale
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Matt: You weren't supposed to reveal the identity of the masked shoppers. Now that they've lost their cover, they might get chain whipped by their unsuspecting significant others. It may cost them a king's ransom on the 25th to get out of the infamous Cyclist's Doghouse. But, yes it was a fun day and Mary and I would like to thank all the CR members that braved the elements--80 degrees and clear blue skies to toil away looking through of all things, bicycle related items. OH, the pain and suffering of it all. It 's really great when nice folks get together and and have fun sharing such a great hobby and passion. Thanks again, We'll do it again! Ted Ernst, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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> Yes,
> It was a BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY in paradise....I had family obligations that
> precluded my participation in the San Diego ride, *but* I got a late
> morning hall pass to run up to Manhattan Beach for Ted Ernst's Bicycle
> Memorabilia Sale. On days when you can see the green hills of Santa
> Catalina Island from my front yard you know it's gonna be a dusie!!
> It's December 19th after all ...... 80 degrees and crystal clear!
> I got to Ted's/TriZombies minutes after the 11AM opening (no traffic on
> the 405-hard to believe but it does happen once in a blue moon) and saw
> List members Chuck Schmidt, Andrew Gillis, Derek Wilburn, Greg Pittman
> and a bit later Burl Simon. Lots of tools, trinkets, parts, pictures,
> posters, glasses, buttons, books and all things bicycle. The best part
> was Ted and Mary Ernst hosting such a fun event. The prices were from
> give-away to very reasonable. I didn't expect to buy much but brought
> an eighth-inch of Jacksons (just in case) and ended up doing my bit for
> California's economy ;^)
> A GREAT BIG THANK-YOU to Ted and Mary for the event, the fun, a
> wonderful
> spread of goodies and coffee set up covering a table and having a 25%
> off sale for the entire retail store. As I was leaving I was presented
> with an astonishing view of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Westside
> and Wilshire corridor and on east....all clear as a bell. Needless to
> say I unloaded my truck at the garage and came in the house mentioning
> I picked up just a few goodies ;^)
> Matt Gorski
> Belmont Shore, CA
> Subject: [CR]Fabulous day in San Diego, ride report
> List members,
> What a fabulous day in San diego!! One of the nicest dayse we've EVER
> had for a vintage ride. Temds in low to mid 70's, no wind to speak of,
> and terrific company. Small attendance, but a very compatible and bike
> loving group. Charles Andrews and Carmen showed up with their recently
> acquired 80's Jack Taylor tandem, Rob O'Callahan made it with his
> recently acquired early Carlsbad Masi (the special one Ron Smith oversaw
> for one of his personal friends), Sterling Peters riding his fixed gear
> Mercian, and myself riding my '72 Colnago Super.
> We rode out to Point Loma, which is our most common route; but boy was
> it a fantastic day to go out there. We could see the snowcapped MT.
> Baldy, over 150 miles to the north (about out where Chuck Schmidt lives)
> from the point. Unbelieveable! The local mountains looked so close we
> could have touched them. Mt. Palomar was clear as a bell. I've never
> seen such a beautiful day from Point Loma, but today was IT.
> Be stopped for lunch at the regular spot on San Diego Bay, Anthony's
> Fish Grotto and there were almost no tourists, the fish tacos were to
> die for (I had two), and the sun was beyond wonderful; it was tempting
> to sit there the rest of the day and just soakin it. Teriffic beyond
> your wildest dreams.
> After the ride I stopped at Sterlings new place in Golden hill so he
> could take a digi photo for me, and was treated to a tour of a house
> that is equal to the most sublime Rene Herse of old that one might see
> on rare occassions. The house was built in 1913 and is completely mind
> blowing. Wood trim EVERYWHERE, leaded glass (still original) built in
> all over the place, light fixtures and other goodies to die for, and
> push button light switches inlaid with Mother of Pearl and ebony. Brass
> and copper stuff all over the house. Outside the backyard from the deck,
> a killer view of the downtown San Diego skyline and bay that is
> priceless. Absolutely fabulous! Really topped off a day to remember
> forever.
> I can't say enough how much I enjoyed the excellent company and the
> banner day. One simply CANNOT ask for a nicer time for a Sunday in
> December. And while we were out, the Chargers (who traditionally SUCK
> bigtime) beat the pants off of Cleveland 21 to ZIP! Looks like playoffs
> to me. Holy Moley!
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> Now I know why I live here!