Re: [CR] Time(line)ly Considerations

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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 16:06:07 EST
Subject: Re: [CR] Time(line)ly Considerations

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<< I think his enforcement model may be similar to a hockey referee, whose function is not to enforce the letter of the rules but to control the game. As long as the intent to discuss what we generally agree are classic bikes is being served, considerable latitude is permitted. But when things begin to veer off into mountain bikes, baloon tires, or uncivil arguments, the law is laid down firmly. >>

Thank you Jerry and I like that bit about the hockey referee. You pretty much captured how I like to think I approach the CR rule enforcement. I was not brought up watching hockey, I instead learned about it in recent years but I certainly like that parallel. I am NOT willing to let you folks fight though! Ho ho ho

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