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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:36:57 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dale B. Phelps" <losgatos_dale@yahoo.com>
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The only time we remotely resemble a "democracy" is when people unite in their whining about some beef and pester the list owner 'til he acts to assuage the source(s) of (what must seem to him) a bunch of harrassing e-mail. I know this from personal experience, but I ALSO know that harrassing Dale to get the timeline changed won't work, except maybe to get the list turned off altogether! We ARE after all, bloated in numbers, and seldom spot-on focus to what the website says we are about. AND (remember) there really ARE plenty of other lists that accomodate plastic frames and composite gizmo talk and what-have-you

A more "positive" example of how the majority still DOES have a say would be all the baying about e-baying. It seems to be something the majority is into, and the majority aren't too caustic about the CR version of Home Shopping Network

...so Dale goes along with it ... much to the dismay of t'other Dale -smile - )

Frankly I think there are more people into old iron today than there ever were at any one time when us older ones (and even not-so-older ones) were competing, and that ain't bad...

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