[CR]FS: Zeus fixed gear crankset - 167.5 arms & 49t 1/8 chainring

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Ben Kamenjas" <bici_pimp@mac.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 12:00:01 +1100
Subject: [CR]FS: Zeus fixed gear crankset - 167.5 arms & 49t 1/8 chainring

Hey listers,

So I sold a zeus crankset on ebay. A very nice one too but failed to see it wasn't a track crankset as I advertised until the buyer pointed out my error. It is with a Zeus Pista chainring but the cranks are road cranks which somebody has shaved the spider ends on the backside where the second road ring would fit. Now i feel like a shmo and will be refunding the buyer in full as he requested. He did point out that the rest in in excellent condition otherwise and they are still with him in the US. Were these campy cranks I would have spotted it in a minute but alas I didn't think that with a Pista ring and coming off a track bike they were anything but track arms as they truly looked the part. Lesson learnt.

check em out ....


or item # 7117691248

To save shipping back to me to then probably ship back to the US I offering 'em here. These are still good to use for track, fixed gear or singlespeed. The 49 tooth 1/8 Zeus Pista ring is excellent with a capital E, the cranks and 167.5mm arms without scratches or wear and the tapers and english pedal threads are fine. The whole set is shiny and very presentable. I'd keep 'em but am armed to the teeth with campy rings and think it better for a Zeus fan to enjoy these 'coz I don't have anything to marry them with.

$80 shipped. Paypal only and as the buyer will be shipping them this is available to the US only. If you think my asking price is wack I may have room for you to haggle if you are quick so I can get the ball rolling.


Ben Kamenjas
Sydney, Australia