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Subject: Re: [CR]Gillot winter project help
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 23:00:46 +0000


the picts are of mine, of 1952 vintage. link below still available.<blah>

Only decals on seattube. I am still acquiring the parts for mine. Expect to have it on the road by spring. Only relatively obscure part I still need is a Simplex T de F derailler and braze-on shifter mechanism.

best of luck! be sure to post jpegs (before and after).

Ken Sanford
Kensington, MD

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> I have a 1964--according to Mark Stevens, British Gillot owner and CR

\r?\n> member--Gillot touring bike. As I am preparing to head to the North Country of

\r?\n> Minnesota to celebrate my mother's ninetieth birthday (never rode a bike in her

\r?\n> life and doesn't plan on starting now, she says), I decided that I would bring

\r?\n> the Gillot along and have Chris Kvale paint it.


\r?\n> I checked Lloyds for decals. I cannot determine which decals would be

\r?\n> appropriate for the particular bike that I have. Does anyone know which set

\r?\n> would be appropriate? I noticed on two of the Gillots posted on the CR site,

\r?\n> that they have what appears to be two badges, one on the headtube (I have that

\r?\n> one) and the other in the middle of seattube (a la Giradengo's). Does anyone

\r?\n> know if the one on the seattube is a decal or is it an actual badge? And one

\r?\n> more question: recently, either on this list, someone posted a link to a blue

\r?\n> and orange Gillot that had a color scheme very much like the Holdsworth Pros.

\r?\n> Does anyone still have that link?


\r?\n> Thank you very much.


\r?\n> Cheers.


\r?\n> Tom Hayes

\r?\n> Chagrin Falls, Ohio, where it took me an hour to get one car out of the driveway

\r?\n> this morning.