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Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 16:27:39 -0800
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Subject: Jan 2nd San Francisco Bay area Ride
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 11:29:41 -0800
From: Geri Gorski
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Bring in the New Year right with a classic ride aboard your classic lightweight.

TIME: Sunday January 2, Arrive about 9:30 for prompt 10:00 Am departure.

PLACE: Lucas Valley Park and Ride, About 13 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge off HWY 101, Exit: Lucas Valley Smith Ranch Road. Map and directions to start are here: http://www.marincyclists.com/html/lucas%20valley.htm

THE RIDE: A loop of approx 25-30 miles, 25% on quiet suburban streets, 75% in rural west Marin. Good road surface with very light traffic and no major climbing. Featuring a stop at the famous Rouge et Noir Cheese Factory and some beautiful scenery including farms, lakes and redwood forest. ******** This is a no drop no "hammer" ride and as always I will provide maps, and or a ride sheet. NOTE: This ride is significantly shorter and easier than the last Marin County ride that I organized in August.

This ride is suitable for strong fixed gear riders with gearing of about 70 inches. (I'll be riding mine)

There are several good post ride lunch opportunities nearby the start/finish

RSVP: not required but appreciated to: Geri Gorski gski@mac.com

I look forward to seeing you there.

Geri Gorski
Fairfax CA