[CR]Campagnolo brake drop bolt.....

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From: "Gary Chottiner" <gsc2@cwru.edu>
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Subject: [CR]Campagnolo brake drop bolt.....
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 22:24:09 -0500
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The Campagnolo drop bolts I have are clearly marked Brev. Camp. I have a similar drop bolt that was produced perhaps by Weinmann and has no markings. I think I purchased this a LONG time ago from Bicycle Classics. These will work fine with Campagnolo calipers after a little work with a file or motor tool; the slot that holds the brake spring requires some widening to accept the Campagnolo spring.

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Hi all, I have just bought what I think is a Campagnolo brake dropbolt. How can I tell as there are no markings, would be nice to know that it will work on a Campagnolo brake before I go pulling things apart....regards wayne davidson currently in Auckland NZ............