[CR]Parts FS Update

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From: <PUTTER2451@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 23:25:36 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Parts FS Update

Ladies and Gents, here is an update on the parts I offered earlier:

If you see something you may want but believe I'm off the mark in price, let me know of your interest. I'll respond with any flexibility if I have some. Those items receiving no interest will find their way to eBay.

Thank you in advance, Les Himel

1) Regina Extra Oro chains. (1 left) NOS $45 each.

2) Regina Extra cluster 14-24 NOS $50

3) Campy Super Record single bolt seat post, SPOKEN FOR

4) Down tube levers with clamp. (2) NOS $35 each.

5) Campy Record crank arms (no chain wheels). Used and scratched but usable. 1971, 170 mm. I kept them as back-ups for riding. $30

6) Campy Record rear derailleur. "PATENT" (no year). Nice shape. $90

7) Campy Record front derailleurs. (2) used but serviceable. $15 each. Nuovo Record, no holes...

8) Campy Record BB, British. Complete. Used, serviceable. $20 68-SS-120

9) Campy Record Brake Calipers. Short reach, nice shape. Front has bolt for recessed mount, rear has nutted fit. They are a pair but one bolt had been changed. The block holders are the shiny variety, no black coating, allen-wrench fittings. $100

10) SunTour Winner cluster, 13-17. NOS. Aluminum For the show bike. $40

11) Campy Gran Sport brake levers. Pink Modolo hoods recently installed. great shape. $30

12) Cinelli 68-40 bars SPOKEN FOR

13) Cinelli 64-40 bars SPOKEN FOR

14) Silca pump SPOKEN FOR