Re: [CR]ebay outing: gios super record..sad

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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 19:34:16 -0500
From: Marcus Coles <>
Subject: Re: [CR]ebay outing: gios super record..sad
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>Note that the seller parted this out from
>a fully original, complete bike:
>That seems wrong to me. I know it's his bike. I know he can do whatever he wants with it. But I think it's wrong to part out a bike like that. I know why he did it. Maximize profit. Still seems wrong to me.
> It is sad to see a fine, near new condition bike pulled apart for the love of a few extra bucks. On the other hand, parting out a bike is what produces the majority of used parts on eBay with the good stuff coming off good bikes. For me there seems to be little conscience involved when buying parts sourced this way.

On the bright side I note the particular frame currently has a high bidder of none other than Sheldon Brown, someone who will appreciate it and I imagine turn it into a fine riding bicycle with a mix of modern components.

Marcus Coles
London, ON, Canada