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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 03:56:40 GMT
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This topic is always a bucket of worms. It makes me NUTS every time it comes up. I cannot and will never understand those who claim to have an interest in or respect for vintage bikes who will part out original bikes for higher profit, or those who endorse such practices. I do not understand people who collect bikes and do not ride and enjoy them. I do not understand those who ride vintage frames outfitted with modern components. I hear all of the reasons, excuses, and rational. Still makes me heartsick. You might as well kick my dog (and if you do I'll KICK YOUR ASS!).

I applaud those unwilling to disrespect our hobby and our passion by such practices and who undertake making these bikes whole and as correct as practical to be enjoyed by those who GENUINELY care. Those who understand why we do this and why doing the opposite disturbs us. Enough said.

There are two sides of the fence. I'm standing over HERE. If you're on the other side of the fence, I'd prefer not to know you; or at least don't let me find out you're not on my side. I have a strong distaste for what I believe there is no excuse for, that is not based in selfishness and/or greed and a basic disrepect for what a vintage bike is all about.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA I know, it's hard to figure out how I really feel.

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> There's a reason why the market often times values parts more than the sum
> of the whole bike. It's because folks like you and me make that market.

Hmmm... I see an endless and pointless cycle (sorry!) at work here. Avid capitalists take lovely complete bikes strip them into bits and a frame and sell them for the highest price. Avid cycle collectors who cherish this stuff, buy the frame and then scour the market for all the right. parts that were on the bike in the first place!

There's an economics lesson here somewhere. But in the end, it's just nice bikes scattered to the wind. And I, for one, sure ain't going to view that with any charity. The people that strip bikes like this can find the cure for cancer and foster stray cats and I still hope they get a thorn in their brand new Veloflex Criterium.

And I agree wholeheartedly (wow!) with Chuck Schmidt about "bastardising" classic bikes with modern components. That's almost as teeth-gnashingly awful as parting out a machine in the first place.

To sum up: leave the bloody bikes alone!

Peter Kohler (who works for a non-profit)
Washington DC USA