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Original bikes can also be parted out for good causes.

An Austro Daimler Inter 10 with a ding in the top tube (excellent rider frame for someone) is parted out to generate dough from all the quirky parts. Is that such a bad thing?

And apply that to a quixotic restoration of a McLean Fonvielle that involves a 600 mile round trip drive, bargaining with a pawn shop character (is that ever fun or profitable), removal of worthless/inappropriate components, removal of tricolor fade paint job, proper paint, all new components ...

Myself, I sell and I buy and I generally work toward straightening bikes out and selectively undoing entropy as I see fit.

However, I don't favor separating pantographed components as they are a PITA to reassemble and separating out pre-1970s bikes is generally ugly also unless the frame is shot.

I'll add that last I remember these Gios bikes didn't come with all the parts anyway. Just all the great pantographed stuff plus a shirt in foam box.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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> chas-
> what is wrong with (the seller) making money?
> chester, ct
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> Note that the seller parted this out from
> a fully original, complete bike:
> That seems wrong to me. I know it's his bike. I know he can do whatever he wants with it. But I think it's wrong to part out a bike like that. I know why he did it. Maximize profit. Still seems wrong to me.
> Charles Andrews
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