Re: [CR]Was Gios on ebay, now clarification/apology

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Subject: Re: [CR]Was Gios on ebay, now clarification/apology
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 01:32:28 -0600

Very classy, Brian. I may well indeed have overreacted, and I apologize to you for not considering the context of your many postings and focusing on this particular one.

My frustration comes from what seems to be an elitism that I perceive on the CR list that there is a caste system to the CR membership. Some postings lead me to feel as if there is a belief that there is but one way to be involved in the vintage side of the bike hobby. The problem with that is that there is no absolute to this hobby, only opinions.

There are many facets to this wonderful vintage bike hobby, and that includes KOF, restorations, "original only", sales of parts to finance new purchases, and too many more to mention. It seems to me that our common love for vintage bikes, no matter what the degree, brings us together in Dale's living room.

I see no benefit to us as individuals, or to our hobby in total, for there to be lines drawn among our ranks that serve to divide us into who does or doesn't participate in this hobby the way they "ought to".

Frank Phillips
McAlester, OK