[CR]Book: Peugeot et de Cyclism

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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 07:58:40 -0500
Subject: [CR]Book: Peugeot et de Cyclism


I received the following answer to my query to the publishers of the recently published book "Peugeot et de Cyclism" which may interest some of you. This sounds very simple and the regular shipping is "ok" in price although none of this is cheap with the euro the way it is.
>From all accounts, this is a stunning book...

Dear Sir, We thank you for your interest in our book "Peugeot et le cyclisme". For the USA the easiest way to pay is either by cheque or by credit card. The price of the book is 48,00 euros and the shipping price to the USA is: 15 euros by normal post way without having a trail,or by E'Pack (economy pack) here the price is 24,60 euros and we have the possibility to pick up the trail of your package, we recommand E'Pack. Please let us know which payment methode and shipping way you'd prefere. Yours sincerely, Désirée Simon éditions saint-paul tel: 00352 49 93 275 fax: 00352 49 93580 e-mail: desiree.simon@saint-paul.lu