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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 10:29:57 -0500

The dark side huh? OK Darth Homiski.

This thread is so dumb. We say tomato and they say toe-mott-to.

In my opinion, unless the bike is a famous or an historically significant bike, I see no reason why the bits cannot be interchanged, sold off, etc.

Mike "So lets call the whold thing off" Schmidt Stirling, NJ

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> Wow! I read all the postings on this after I submitted my meager response.
> Obviously a passionate discussion ensued and like others I have my take on
> it.
> Brian seems most passionate and I can understand and respect that. I know
> if I hand built something and witnessed someone tearing it down, even if
> they owned it, I would be less than happy.
> On the other hand, one of the things that brought me into this hobby is
> the whole componentry thing. It is great to keep a bike original but what
> does that really mean? Since these bikes are made up of parts designed to
> fit more than one bike how can you claim anything to be original.
> Some of you come from a manufacturing background. Even if you make bikes
> one off by hand. Do you believe the maker made sure that every part they
> put on a bike was dated correctly. If a bike frame was built in 74 would
> the builder throw out all the 73 components and make sure the whole bike
> is properly equipped by date. Of course not, original is not a black and
> white term especially with these types of bikes
> Many of you know I come from the dark side of the hobby and collected
> other types of bikes. It is a lot more reasonable to assure originality on
> a balloon bike because the parts were designed for that bike and that bike
> only. Yet one could argue that if you put an NOS wheel on your original
> balloon bike, it is no longer original.
> If you think about it, there is no such thing as original in this hobby
> unless one person built the bike and every component by hand and assembled
> it, serialized all the parts and documented it in the library of congress
> for future research and validation. If you believe your bike to be totally
> original, that is great and if it makes you feel better that is fantastic.
> On the other hand, if you part bikes out, mix and match parts and dare I
> say update components you are no more a criminal then the many amateur
> racers who do this on a regular basis to keep up with the times.
> It is all good and I enjoyed this discussion immensely.
> Ray (wish I had all my original parts) Homiski
> Elizabeth, NJ