Re: [CR]Calling All Dealers-40 Hole 650B's

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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:15:43 -0500
From: Marcus Coles <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Calling All Dealers-40 Hole 650B's
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cmontgomery wrote:
>My Bates was originally speced for 26" wheels (is Brit 26" the same as today's?)and either Resilion cantis or real long reach Siebers. I don't have brakes with that kind of reach so am contemplating 650B's, which would make it possible to use either my Coureurs, Universals, or Mafacs. My Sturmey TF is a 40 holer. Anyone out there have a 40 hole 650B? I'd gladly take this oddball off your hands real cheap. Otherwise, it's 700c.
>Craig "a shot in the dark" Montgomery in Tucson
> Craig,

There are many variations on the nominal 26" theme. See I imagine your bike came with 26 x1 1/4" or possibly 26 x 1 3/8" EA3 (650a) Standard common English three speed size. Both of these are considerably larger than the mountain bike 26" and slightly larger than the (650b)

As you can see tires are available

Aluminum 40 hole rims for the 26 x 1 3/8" Heavier chrome steel rims should be available from anywhere that dealt with the older S-A three speeds.

The 650b seems to be having a revival with a variety of tires available from Rivendell, your typical French touring bike suppliers and 40holers may require chasing down some tandem rims.

Confusing isn't it?


Marcus Coles
London, ON, Canada