Re: [CR]Now: Durkopp Was: mystery bike - please help identify

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From: "all the way thru' asia..." <>
To: "David Ross" <>,
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 09:47:44 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Now: Durkopp Was: mystery bike - please help identify

Hallo David,

I have a complete 1951 durkopf track-bike which I am currently trying to restore. The paint is in pretty good shape, it has durkopf hubs, durkopf cranks, I just ordered some wooden rims and a 26.2 steal seat-post. I'm on holidays at the moment but when I return to Berlin I could send you some pictures to help your restoration. Vintage durkopf parts will not be easy to find, if u want more info just mail me....

greetings from 5 - 15 degrees Palma de Mallorca Dustin Nordhus Berlin bike-messenger

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From: David Ross
Subject: [CR]Now: Durkopp Was: mystery bike - please help identify
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 11:27:53 -0800

> Many thanks to the CR community for helping identify
> my mystery track bike. It seems pretty likely to be a
> pre-WWII Durkopp. It has clearly been around the
> world, since when I acquired it the components were
> Italian (Cinelli steel stem & bars, Campy headset),
> Spanish (Zeus seatpost), British (Bayliss Wiley BB
> cups) and French (TA Criterium crankset and spindle).
> I compounded the mix by adding a Japanese brake lever
> to control a Campy front brake for road riding.
> Now comes the fun/hard part, as most of you have
> enjoyed/feared: restoration. Last night I had dreams
> of dancing Scheeren rims (just out of reach, of
> course). And maybe those are the easiest parts to
> find!? I've never looked for pre-WWII German parts
> before, so I'm hoping that you all will help me out
> here, at least with suggestions and leads.
> One of the first things I will do is have the powder
> coating removed and the dents and dings on the frame
> cleaned up in anticipation of a super re-paint. I know
> that some of you out there do this for a living. Am I
> better off in your hands or can an attentive amateur
> undertake this sort of project one step at a time?
> Of course, I could instead make it my goal to have a
> veritable United Nations result - the most varied (by
> country of origin) track bike on the planet. Maybe an
> Avocet seat and some Russian wheels?
> Dave "looking into a Berlitz course in German" Ross
> Portola Valley, CA
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