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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 16:17:19 +0000

Sheesh, who cares? I was wondering what it be in Swahili? This kind of retort is about as irritating as it gets.

Rod Kronenberg
Fort Collins, Co

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> The captain feigning offense at Peter's use of language states:


\r?\n> Welllll, that's true of British bikes, but not European.

\r?\n> F'rinstance, if they're French they have "gardes boues."


\r?\n> I know that you try hard in French, Sheldon, but what you write is not

\r?\n> completely correct. While it has become commonplace to use "gardes boues" in

\r?\n> France, any member of the Académie Française will tell you it is actually

\r?\n> grammatically incorrect. The correct plural for garde boue (a direct translation

\r?\n> being mudguard) is actually "gardes boue" without the 's' at the end of boue.


\r?\n> In Italian it is parafango or parafanghi in plural, which also translate

\r?\n> directly to mudguard. In Dutch the term used: 'Spatbord' translates to 'splash

\r?\n> board'; the German equivalent 'Schutzblech' becomes 'protection iron'...


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\r?\n> Steven 'not bilingual' Maasland

\r?\n> Moorestown, NJ