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Subject: Re: [CR]Parting out bikes - Berlin
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From: "Morgan Fletcher" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:10:45 -0800
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"kim klakow" <> writes:
> Mark Agree has a good point, as I am sure a lot of the other posters have
> that I didn't read. Didn't we have the explain-this-bike-to-your-spouse
> discussion a while back. Imagine you would have to buy complete bikes
> all the time just to keep it "correct"!?

If I was restricted to buying intact, early bikes I'd have none: They'd all get me in hot water at home.

I build retro bikes the slow, expensive way: buying a frame here, a derailleur there...

I do however have a complete, un-parted-out 62cm (c-t) circa 1980 Gios Professional with an eclectic mix of parts I'll be selling soon, in case any of you are interested. It appears - perish the thought! - someone actually put this bike together over time, with different parts from different manufacturers! It's mostly Campy with some Galli, Mavic, early Shimano parts. The sale of the bike will go directly toward the restoration of a pair of nice frames that are at Ed Litton's shop now.

Morgan -- Morgan Fletcher, Oakland, CA