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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 21:23:24 -0800 (PST)
From: "Fred Rafael Rednor" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Derosa Replicas
To: "" <>,
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e-Richie, There's another guy in Chester, Connecticut - named Richard Sachs - who often mentions that the bicycle industry is a business and manufacturers have to defer to the desires of the market place. Have you spoken with him about this? Anyway, wasn't it last month that half the people on this list expressed a desire that all the semi-retired Italian frame brazers get a chance to build some real, steel framed bicycles? So sort of frames were they expected to build? OK - to be serious... you have to consider this: this frame is clearly meant to evoke nostlgiac/romantic emotions while simultaneously appealing to prospective customers who would demand "modern" frame tubes. It's the bicycling analogue tothe new Mini automobile. I think it's clear they're trying to lure customers who would otherwise buy carbon-fiber frames or perhaps Waterfords (which are already made with oversized steel tubes). So all things considered, my opinion is that this DeRosa looks pretty nice. Similarly, if Richard Schwinn were to regain the rights to the "Paramount" label, what would a modern Waterford Paramount look like? Actually, it strikes me that, lately, Waterfords come with more "retro" looking markings. Or are you secretly trying to help this Richard Sachs fellow determine whether or not it's time to start using oversized tubing? :) Cheers, Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia
> does a modern OS pipe-ed frame with 04 braze-ons
> and all au courant detailing along with a 50 year
> old graphics package get anybody wet and sticky?
> speaking as cr listee and trying hard to seperate
> out the framebuilder in me, i am very not-with
> this concept.
> thanks for listening.
> chester, ct

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