Re: [CR]bottom-bracket question

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From: "Dan Christopherson" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]bottom-bracket question
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 15:47:20 -0800

Charles Andrews wrote:Am I right in assuming that the Nuovo Gran Sport bottom-bracket spindle will work with the older thin-cup Record cups? Nuovo Gran Sport bottom-brackets I've seen (I have one in front of me), have thin cups, so I assume the spindle would work with the older thin cups too. Is that in fact the case?

A related question: what markings do you generally see on the older Record spindles? How do you know, short of measuring the bearing-shoulder width, whether a Record spindle is for thin cups or thick cups just by the markings on the item..or do you have to measure?

Thin or thick, both bottom-brackets used the same bearings, right? It was only the early Super Record that used the different bearing size, right?Steven Maasland's right about the bearing size.

As far as the axle goes, the Gran Sport will work, but has a larger end factor - It will move your chainrings out 2.5mm. The markings you want are: 68-SS-120 Z. The "Z" means Record. This info is from the Sutherland's Handbook.

Dan Christopherson
Lopez Island WA