Re: [CR]parts for that Cinelli

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Subject: Re: [CR]parts for that Cinelli
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From: "Morgan Fletcher" <>
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 18:16:23 -0800
In-Reply-To: <> (John Thompson's message of "Fri, 31 Dec 2004 18:51:11 -0600")

John Thompson <> writes:
> > > Campagnolo cranks: $50
> >
> > I guess I'll go along with all those prices except the cranks - $50?
> > Maybe from a (good) friend.
> ...another victim of the devalued US$

Or a case of Remembrance of Things Past?

I've been staring at my local (SF) craigslist for months, looking for a cheap NR donor bike for one of two framesets I've got at Ed Litton's shop for restoration. Haven't seen one under $500 yet, nor any <= $50 pre-1983 Record cranksets. Ditto for ebay.

If you know of any italian-thread mid-70s NR donor bikes for <= $350, please hook this brother up.

Happy New Year!

Morgan -- Morgan Fletcher, Oakland, CA