[CR]FS: stuff for sale (long)

Example: Framebuilders:Tony Beek
From: "rod" <rodk3d@comcast.net>
To: <rbw@bikelist.org>, <internet-bob@bikelist.org>, <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2004 09:40:15 -0700
Subject: [CR]FS: stuff for sale (long)

Hi gang,

Here's the second wave of goodies for sale. PayPal or PROMPT check or M.O. only. Shipping is included for all. I'll combine if buying more than one item. Feel free to make me an offer if you think I have mis-priced something. Pictures available for all, just let me know. Thanks!

1. MKM road frame. Full 531. 24.5"c-c w/22-1/2"c-c top tube. Overall nice shape. Has numbers engraved on frame in a few places, really nice frame for a winter bike or a new project. Includes Campy headset and Campy bottom bracket. $125 shipped.

2. NOS/NIB Specialized 126/36 hole hubset. Solid axle, bolt on. As used on old Stumpjumpers and other high end mountain bikes. Building a single speed? These are your hubs if you have a 126mm spaced rear end. $80 shipped.

3. NOS/NIB SRAM 13/32 7 speed Freewheel. Incredible (my favorite!) wide range gearing for that touring bike! Brand spanking new in the box, perfect! Chrome. $50 shipped.

4. NOS/NIB Suntour 13/30 7 speed Power-Flo Freewheel. Black. Perfect brand new freewheel for that touring bike. $30 shipped.

5. SRAM 13/24 7 speed Freewheel. Lightly used in very good condition. Chrome. $20


6. NOS/NIB Suntour New Winner 12/28 7 speed Freewheel. Perfect brand new freewheel for that touring bike. $30 shipped.

7. NOS Suntour Cyclone long reach, recessed caliper set. Perfecto! $30 shipped.

8. Gran Compe long reach nutted caliper set. Used. Beautiful brakes! They look almost identical to the very rare Campagnolo "no logo" calipers. Rear caliper has a drop bolt. $35 shipped.

9. NOS/NIP Shimano 600 RD-401 rear derailleur. 6, 7 or 8 speed compatible. Awesome derailleur! $45 shipped. I also have very nice used fronts..and used rears too...

10. Suntour Cyclone GT rear derailleur. Long cage obviously. VERY nice used condition. $45 shipped.

11. Suntour Cyclone rear derailleur. Short Cage. REALLY nice condition. $15 shipped

12. NOS/NIB Suntour Cyclone front derailleur. For double chainrings. $15 shipped.

13. MAVIC clip and strap type pedals. Mint condition and rare. A couple of small scratches on the underside of the body only. VERY smooth (naturally!) and VERY pretty! $55 shipped.

14. Suntour XC Compe mtb pedals. Nice used shape, scratched up a bit here and there but not too bad. Great pedals. $25 shipped.

15. Suntour Cyclone clip and strap type pedals. Very good condition. $15 shipped.

16. Suntour Superbe Pro aero levers. Used. Real nice shape, a few scratches on levers but not bad, they look fine. Dia-Compe (black) hoods, but you'd probably not notice if I didn't mention it, they are nice and fit wonderfully. $25 shipped.

17. NOS Shimano 600 non aero levers. Gum colored hoods that are fresh. Nice levers! $20 shipped.

18. NEW EAI (Euro-Asia) 16 tooth, 1/8" track cog. The best! $25 shipped.

19. Shimano 600 short reach recessed caliper set. Very Good condition. $25 shipped.

20. Huret Svelto derailleurs and shifters. Good condition. $50 shipped.

21. Stronglight Luxe crankset. Very nice used condition. Setup with a 42 tooth ring for single speed or fixed use. 170's. $30 shipped.

22. Shimano 600 crankset. 170 length, 53/42 rings. Arms are beautiful, look almost new, VERY few nicks. Rings are in good shape. $45 shipped.

23. Sugino 110 bcd, 53 tooth chainring. NOS (takeoff) was mounted but never ridden. $14 shipped.

24. Sugino 151 bcd, 47 tooth chainring, 3/32. NOS with very minor shopwear. $14 shipped.

25. Salsa stem. +15 degree rise. Used but looks great above the insertion line. I'm gonna call it an 11cm stem. $35 shipped.

26. Salsa stem. -10 or 15 degrees, not sure there. Very good used shape. 12cm. $15 shipped.

27. Nitto Dirt Drop stem. Almost new. VERY few miles. 100mm extension. A beautiful stem as you would expect from Nitto. $35 shipped.

28. Cinelli Giro D'Italia bar and Cinelli stem. Single groove, 44cm bar, 10.5 cm stem. Bar is near new and great. Stem looks great and has just a few teeny nicks. $35 shipped.

Thanks for looking!

Rod Kronenberg

Fort Collins, CO