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Ugo never mentions Masi in the interview. He does say that he built bicycles for the best cyclists in the world, from Merckx (nine years), for Motta, Moser, and Argentin. There is no clear statement that he built bicycles for Rik Van Looy, although he does say he was his mechanic.

On the DeRosa website, he states he was asked to go from Faema to Sanson by Gastone Nencini in '67. Which is where he met Gianni Motta, a prelude to Molteni and Merckx.

DeRosa states while attending the six day races in Milano (no year is given) he was confronted by Merckx, who asks "(a loose interpretation) why don't you want to make bicycles for me? In my life, never have I met a constructor so presumptuous." DeRosa asked "what bicycles?" Merckx then explained, he had spoken with Motta for several months about DeRosa, but Motta was always guarded about speaking about DeRosa to Merckx.

This was the beginning of the DeRosa/Merckx relationship. DeRosa also speaks about spending all night during a stage of the Giro building a new bike for Merckx, painting it and arriving at the starting line to meet Merckx with the new bike/design, although he had just won the prior stage on the old design.

He talks about the '75 San Remo race in which he tried several series of forks with Merckx. Six different descents to test the forks and various inclinations, angles.

Personally, I'm sure DeRosa took every opportunity to better himself and his shop. For him, this is his living and his families future, not a hobby. Which is why he now uses titanium and carbon fibre for his new bikes.

Brian Van Baush Poulsbo, WA

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snipped: "In 1961 he moved to Faema with Rick Van Looy."

is there any link to masi? th winning mag article in (83?) noted mr masi's anger with derosa for "...stealing his (masi's) special fork crown" or some text similar to that. masi's links to faema are well known. if mr derosa was there as a mechanic, did these guys work together
in some way?
chester, ct