Re: [CR]"NOS" Allegro, something to yodel about or...

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From: "Tom Hayes" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]"NOS" Allegro, something to yodel about or...
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 15:51:01 -0600

As Jerry Moos stated, this particular one might have come from the person who had probably twenty or thirty different NOS Allegros in the Akron, Ohio, area a couple of years ago. I, like Jerry, visited this person and attempted to negotiate some type of deal for two or three frames and forks, but never could reach an agreement.

In any case, it is my understanding that he (the person in Akron, who also was on the Bob list for awhile and may well have been on this list, but I think moved to Australia. He at least no longer posts on the Bob list, and he used to run lots of Ebay auctions with NOS parts from these bikes.) sold his stash of Allegros to a person outside of Chicago (Naperville or some such suburb). I bought one of those as a frame and fork, hs, and bb. (I also found it ironic that I ended up paying less for it than I offered the person in Akron.)

The ad does indicate he had it clear-coated from CyclArt, so it seems reasonable that the blue pinstriping might have been done there when it was clear-coated.

I like the Allegros that looked like Mondia Specials and the single color ones, but the smoked ones never interested me. I realize, however, that these were the most sought-after of the Allegros.


Tom Hayes (who should be correcting papers)
Chagrin Falls, Ohio