re: [CR]Viscount/Lambert chank question

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Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 16:57:11 -0500
From: "HM & SS Sachs" <>
To:, Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: re: [CR]Viscount/Lambert chank question

Jason Cloutier wrote:

I have a Viscount/Lambert right crank that I'm thinking about using on a beater bike. I know that at least some of these cranks had straight square ends for BB axle attachment. Were any of these made with tapered square ends, or were they all produced with straight square ends? I tried a couple square tapered axles in the arm but I couldn't tell if they were correct or not. Any hints?


I have this terrible memory of trying to help a bike tourist passing through Corvallis (OR) in the early 1970s. Had a problem with the cranks on his Viscount/Lambert. I had, I thought, exactly the right puller, and offered to help. I still think it was the right puller. And pull it did. If lifted the threads right out of the crank arm. I vaguely remember grainy cracks where the threads broke off.

Soooo, my recommendation is that it will look great on a wall. Yours, mine, garage, or living room. Maybe others had better experiences, but I took to doubting the metallurgy behind their designs and execution. "Pass the fork, please. No, the other (steel) fork."

harvey sachs
mcLean va