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I don't have any definitive info other than what's shown on the site. My understanding is that the seminars/program are still being put together as we speak and that the website will be updated to reflect new and more specific info about the agenda.

As far as the format, framebuilders and vendors will have booths to show their wares on both days I believe, and I haven't heard anything about a show. I think the booths and the seminars is the main deal. The show is free to those not attending the seminars (potential frame customers). $55 dollars covers the seminar cost. Very reasonable I think.

I'm trying to figure out my flight times/etc., so unless some times are announced soon, I'll try to fly in Friday evening and return to Atlanta late Sunday if possible. I have asked Don Walker if most people will be staying at the Sheraton but haven't got his response yet. I believe there may be a reduced room rate for attendees.

Along with the others you mentioned, Bill Boston will also be there focusing on his fit software.

Roman Stankus Atlanta, Ga.

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<< 1/15-16 and will feature seminars ........snip............. A more complete description of the show, its purpose, and the goings on can be found at >>

I had heard this event was being planned but this is the first concrete info

I have seen. I peeked at the web page and it looks like CR folk BB, Don Ferris, Pacenti and E-Ritchie are attending... Roman, do you (or other CR folk) know if the seminars are on Sat & show on Sunday or some other arrangement? Looks like the seminars are $55($70 late) but the show is free? Just wondering... Dale

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina