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Subject: Re: [CR] eBay outing - 1972 Colnago Super
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 17:54:49 +0000

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"as far as the skewers go, what and where should i look for to determine what they are?"


Not far. They are post '78 NR/SR. Incorrect for the bike, and incorrect for the Tipo hubs, but perfectly nice QR's. They might have been installed to accommodate the widened 6-sp rear end -- if 5-sp QR's are used on 6-sp hubs, the end bolt often doesn't screw far enough down onto the skewer threads, and the skewer threads can strip when the QR is clamped. When the rear end was cold set for 126, and the rear wheel re-dished for 6-sp, an alert mechanic might have pointed that out.

The correct QR's, whether Tipo or NR, would, of course, have a flat lever, not curved, and conical frankenbolts, not bulbed (in the case of NR).

Curious -- you have no knowledge of a repaint?


Peter Bridge Denver, CO (who owns a non-72, in 72 livery)


The "frankenbolts" are much, much older than 1972, and were gone by about 1949. They were screwed into the sides of the conical nut (before the D-ring was introduced), looking much like the "bolts" in Frankenstein's neck. Very, very rare now in any condition. Scott Davis (joeeramone on eBay) has repros. of the oh-so-cool little bolts for sale from time to time.
Greg Parker
Dexter, Michigan