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Interesting approach. Not to be contrary, and I have to admit I don't read any fiction myself; but why not just tell it like it is? It seems to me that reading footnotes in a work of fiction would be a bit of a distraction, no? Maybe not, but it seems that it would interrupt the flow of a well written story. Just a thought.

If I'm not mistaken there are others working on collecting information on the same subject. But my guess would be that they would prefer to keep the collected information within a body of work that is historical in nature. I think a cross examination of the two works would be interesting.

Movie deal? How exciting. So who do you think might make a good lead to play Mario? My vote..........Julius Ceasar. He's got the look, especially the haircut. Perfect. Good luck, seriously.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA OK, maybe Danny Glover might do a better acting job. Julius has been taking a LONG dirt nap. He's probably out of practice.

-- "Jim Cunningham" wrote:

In a word, footnotes.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Initially I thought some fiction was necessary to make the story play better to a mass audience but I'm finding that's not so. There's a shot at a movie deal.

If anyone has information or anecdotes to share re: Mario Confente please contact me off list.

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>From my understanding, your book is a work of fiction. If that is the case; how is one supposed to seperate that which may be fact from the parts that are fiction? Just curious.

Brian Baylis
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To be covered in detail in my upcoming book...

Jim Cunningham CyclArtist Vista, CA

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jim-issimo don't stop there... you must know - what place in the pecking order did he hold? was he that far along that he was the "main guy" in italy, or was he just "one of the available guys"? or something in between? e-RICHIE chester, ct

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"Matthew Gorski" <> wrote: "Mario Confente was the Verona shop foreman until mid 1973 when he came with Faliero to set up the Carlsbad operation. Masi didn't move his operation to California."

this fact continues to confound me... how do we know this? he was barely in his twenties at that point, no? i "thought" that he was just a guy who said "yes" to the trip abroad because he had no real ties at home, (family, etc...). e-RICHIE chester, ct

Mario told me that on coming to California, he expected a brief visit. He said he was asked to participate in a "demonstration" of Italian framebuilding. He was surprised to find that the American builders were all trainees. There was real resistance to his early request to return home, but he enjoyed California and thought that he might be able to re-establish his frame shop in the "land of the free" without the impediments he had found at home.

Mario was close to his family, especially his sister Bruna and he sent a substantial part of his earnings home to help support his parents.

Jim Cunningham CyclArt Vista, CA

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