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I'll add that the current Phil Wood folks will not tell you a thing about these brakes. This reeks of lawsuits, settlement agreements etc.

I'll keep the even clunkier than Arai Shimano disk brake on my tandem please.

Joe Bender-Zanoni "I dared to sell one with full disclaimer"

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Subject: Phil Brake, was [CR]Assenmacher Tandems found

> Tom Sanders wrote about some Assenmacher tandems for sale, one of which has a Phil brake.
> I would consider the Phil brake to be on-topic, but not a wise choice. It is an elegant design, beautifully machined. However, it has a fatal flaw: All but the very last (year or so?) have a composition disk (actually more like a clutch on a car) that spline-fits to a male fitting screwed to the bub. These fail by shearing the splines on the disk; I know of no replacements for survivors. I actually destroyed one myself, stoking for a buddy (stoker-operated brake). The late models had a disk reinforced with a steel (?) center. The only one of these I ever saw was post-destruction: scorched and destroyed by friends on a long descent or something. Fortunately, the clunky but effective Arai is widely available and not terribly expensive.
> We still have one on our tandem, but use it rarely and cautiously, mostly as a "retard" in wet conditions. It was also available on Paramount tandems (and Santanas?) for a few years.
> harvey sachs
> mcLean va.
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> I can't remember just who they were (Jerry?) but I have been asked a few
> times in the last year or two to keep my eyes open for Assenmacher tandems
> by various folks. I have just located three of them.
> The first one , blue, a 23/20" model w/ Phil hubs and 27" wheels. $1100
> Next is one I believe is on consignment, green, 23/22" started out at $2000,
> but Matt thinks the owner will take less at this point...1500???
> Last one is another blue one 24/23" w/ 27" wheels and some kind of special
> Phil brake on it for $1300
> I think the prices might be open to discussion but none of them mine. They
> reside in the basement of Matt Assenmacher's shop and any interested folks
> might call 810-635-7844 and talk to Matt or Steve. They are all road
> tandems.
> I have to go back there to pick up a bike next week and for anyone who is
> seriously interested, I'll take my digital camera along and shoot you a
> couple of pics if you have been in negotiation with these two guys. I
> expect a great burger at Cirque for repayment... or perhaps some Greensboro
> Barbecue for the favor, though. Gawd, I'm a cheap date!
> Tom Sanders
> Lansing, Mi