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The rear rack on the bike shown is the typical size for a French touring rack.

Designed for rear bags, the top platform need not be large.

The reverse question is why are Nitto racks so large? They look like something that fell off a motorcycle.

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When I ordered my Demontable Herse in 1983 we were conversing back and forth in broken frangailse with Lille (Rene 's Daughter). Her husband; builder brought out an unfinished demontable with huge square camping racks.

When I ordered my Randoneuse, Demontable, Camping bike I thought I was the only one. Maybe I was but somebody had ordered a camping demontable and it had a rear platform that I seem to remember extending far past the rear wheel that was 6-8 inches wide. Low mounted rear carrier was also included. The front platform was proportioned but similar in style; not like anything in the showroom.

If you see the Tour Le Monde French and Japanese bikes they carry tons of gear. The rear rack on the Herse would be covered by a midsize tent so for the job it might be a better design if you need the room. My elegant Rene Herse front carrier for the bar bag is very small but it will chafe holes in the bag. I've seen Japanese racks for bar bags that were shaped the same as the bottom of the bag; wide and short front to rear. This makes more since but it is harder to pack for shipment and not as elegant as the Herse item.

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