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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 13:29:34 -0600
From: "John Thompson" <>
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
To: Paul Williams <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Date this Viscount!?
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Paul Williams wrote:
> Yes I am the one on Viscount Avenue in Ottawa who got Mark's Viscount
> recently as a winter project.
> It came with a Viscount chainset, hubs, stem, brake levers marked
> Lambert, GB 77 calipers, Shimano 500 RD, Shimano 50 FD, Shimano FW,
> Nisi(?) rims, Tange headset ...
> It is white with faux lugs painted on in red - similar to the one on
> Dale's Lambert/Viscount page.
> Is this mix of parts of the right vintage for what seems to be an
> early to mid-70s Viscount? What is the date of the derailleurs? Could
> they be original? It is missing gear levers - these seem to have been
> bar-ends and the cable-guide on the downtube is Huret!

The early Viscounts had quite the mish-mash of parts, as they were using up the old Lambert stock. I purchased a Lambert build kit back in the mid 70s (everything but the frame) when Lambert first went belly-up. This package included Lambert branded cranks, brake and levers, shifters, front derailleur, hubs (laced into wheels with unremarkable rims) but a Simplex rear der. I've seen others with a mix of Lambert, SunTour, Shimano, and Simplex in almost any permutation you can imagine.

The later Viscounts standardized on Shimano equipment when the Lambert stock was gone.


-John Thompson (
Appleton WI USA