[CR]Re: ISPs blocking other ISPs, was: What makes a bike fast

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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 20:50:54 EST
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Subject: [CR]Re: ISPs blocking other ISPs, was: What makes a bike fast

Sorry for an OT post, but this is fundamental to being able to communicate via e-mail and post to lists like this. This is apparently some new turf war among ISPs or something. AOL is now blocking all e-mail from Comcast addresses it seems. I have a Compuserve account (they are owned by AOL), so A) my C'Serve account blocks any mail from others who use Comcast, and B) my other ISP is Comcast, so I can't even forward stuff to myself!


Steven, what's your take on this? Is it becoming widespread? It really messes things up....

FWIW, I am not blocking anybody from sending e-mail to either of my accounts. Personally, I find that practice quite distasteful in general.

Greg Parker ye olde Anne of Arbor, Michigan

Grant wrote (in part):
> (maasland, i'm blacklisted from your service provider,
> replies get bounced, what'd i do wrong??)
> Grant McLean
> Toronto.Ca
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Steven wrote:
> There's only three things that make a bike fast.
> 1) the rider.
> 2) gravity.
> 3) not feeding it.
> On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:17:50 -0500, Grant McLean wrote
> >Tom,
> >
> >You're nuts.
> >
> >Buy a cycle computer, and go for a ride.
> >
> >Grant McLean
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> >Marcus Helman commented on his Tom Ritchey bike that he never felt
> >fast = on it. I have had about twenty nice bikes in the last few
> >years, but = three were much faster than the others, or so it felt
> >to me. Some bikes = just lunge forward like they are being yanked
> >by a rope tied onto them = when you mash down, others do not. This
> >is not to say that the others = are not great bikes, they just do
> >not feel as fast or responsive to a = good mash on the pedal.
> > Originally I thought that it was a smaller = chainring, but the
> >fastest bike I ever rode, a Masi 3v, had a 42 tooth = inner ring and
> >a 53 tooth outer...actually somewhat higher geared than I = had
> >thought. Folks have suggested to me that it might be an artifact of
> >= a stiffer bottom bracket (whatever that means) or geometry. I
> >rather = suspect the latter. Perhaps some interaction of all of the
> >above. = Tires? Dunno. Surely some of you out there have noted
> >that some bikes = you own are a lot faster than others. Cost does
> >not seem to be it. I = had a relatively expensive Battaglin that
> >seemed to amaze many who rode = at how fast it was. I realize that
> >some will just think I'm nuts and that it's all in my =
> >imagination...perhaps it is. I have heard others remark about how
> >fast = some bikes they rode were...especially 3 Renshos. If anyone
> >has a good = idea on it, I'd sure love to hear it. Tom Sanders